Sunday, 27 June 2010

New York City
Eco - Fashion:
Going Green

Theme of the exhibit:
Each stage of fashion production has environmental consequences. Designers who use, produce, promote ethical
sustainable products are working to diminish fashions harmful impact on the environment and their work
is being supported by conscientious consumers.

Our New York Eco - Fashion stylist, Jill Heller, is a passionate tastemaker and trendsetter with expertise in the designer and
contemporary fashion market. Having previously owned successful high end fashion boutiques in New York, she always
anticipates the waves of the future, both in fashion and in its greater context. As a fashion stylist, Jill aims to place more
and more sustainable fashion into the hearts and closets of her clients. She represents both the traditional side of fashion and
beauty and the renewed ethics around protecting our world, her eco - fashion selections reflect a new kind of thought process ---
clothing that is beautiful, that are made in a conscious way, and have long-term value. All of this is part of the story of eco-fashion.
In August 2010, Jill is launching her fashion stylist brand, PureThread, and we are delighted to have Jill introduce the PANCHACHULI
fall collection to her clients.
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